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Main Subject Group: Methods for Lessons in Politics

How politics is taught and how to plan and prepare a lesson professionally is shown in summary in the Main Subject Group "Teaching Politics" on D@dalos. Among other things the four steps in preparing a lesson are discussed there:
bulletStep 1: Adjustment to the topic
bulletStep 2: Selection of the didactic perspective
bulletStep 3: Formulation of the topic
bulletStep 4: Planning the course of the lesson

As a complement to this, this Main Subject Group deals with methods and didactic principles of teaching politics, i.e. with the practical manual tools without which the lesson cannot be carried out. What is to be understood by this is shown in the introductory Basic Course 1.

Basic Course 2 is dedicated to various didactic principles that have proven particularly useful in the politics lesson. The two basic courses following present important methods. Primarily the fundamental methods (Basic Course 3), and following it special methods for activating the politics lesson (Basic Course 4) are concerned here.

The final basic course plays tribute to the fact that politics is not just a special subject like every other, but that it makes particular demands. Democracy and its requirements should not just be communicated theoretically, but practiced and above all practiced in school (Basic Course 5).

We have provided a graphical overview of the Main Subject Group and a written table of contents as a guide and for purposes of navigation with direct links to the individual pages and sections.

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