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List of contents for the Main Subject Group of Parties

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Glossary for the Main Subject Group of Parties

Link list for the Main Subject Group of Parties

Illustrated overview of the Main Subject Group of Parties

Basic course 1 (what is a party?)

Basic course 2 (what type of parties exist?)

Political parties in socialist systems

The way in which different parties developed in Europe

"People's party"

Basic course 3 (what functions do parties perform?)

The functions of parties in the political system

Functions of parties according to Germany's constitutional law on parties

Mediators between the people and the state in the political system

The role of associations as mediators

The role of parties as mediators

The media and parties in the political system

Models developing the relationship between parties, the media and the public

Public opinion

Differentiation parties - associations and pressure groups

Illustration "parties and associations"

Inner-party democracy as a precondition for performing political functions

Basic course 4 (what are the characteristics of a party system?)

Advanced subject: Parties in Great Britain

Background: The British system of government

System of government

Discussion: The "Westminster model"

The British parliament

Discussion: "Parliamentary sovereignty"

The first-past-the-post electoral system

Parties in Great Britain

Birth and development of the two-party system

Characteristics of the two-party system

Discussion: "Is the two-party system a myth?"

Advanced subject: Parties in the USA

Background: Politics in the USA

System of government

Electoral law


Parties in the USA

Birth and development of the party system

Characteristics and special features of the party system

The functions of US parties in the political system

Problems associated with US party democracy

Summary: Parties in the USA

Basic course 5 (what are the problems faced by party-political democracies?)


Oligarchic tendencies and the gap between parties and voters

Discussion "disaffection with parties"

Legitimation problems for parties

Civil-action groups as competition for parties

Discussion: "Media rule"

Modern elections as public relations exercises

Discussion: "Symbolic politics"

Discussion: "Party state"

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