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The Human Examples Main Subject Group is divided into 7 sections on 7 outstanding personalities (see below). To enable better navigation, all sections are structured uniformly, with each section encompassing 5 parts:





Link list...

...biography and meaning

...extracts from the person's texts

...historical background information

...texts about the person

...selected links on the people covered

A list of contents and an illustrated overview have been provided to help with navigation. Difficult terminology will be defined in the glossary.

The Main Subject Group of Examples... also suited for younger students and complements the other two main subjects groups of Democracy and Human Rights. In an easy-to-understand way, Human Examples adds to the learning materials available in the other two main subject groups by drawing on real life examples.

"The enemies of humanity have gained a great deal of power and have come close to reaching their ultimate goal of destroying the world. It is impossible to disregard these people and concentrate solely on our spiritual role models who still mean something to us. However, this makes it even more important to speak of the people who have stood firm throughout this monstrous century."
[Elias Canetti, 1981]

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The Examples:

Mahatma Gandhi... one of the most inspiring personalities of the 20th century. His non-violent methods also influenced the other human examples.

Martin Luther King Jr...

...was a towering figure during America’s civil rights movement. Using non-violent methods, he was able to change American society. His “I have a dream” speech is famous across the world.

Desmond Tutu...

...played a decisive role in defeating the system of Apartheid in South Africa, which ignored many basic human rights. He is still active worldwide for the peace cause.

Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams...

...were two ordinary women in Belfast. They took action following an accident, founded the Peace People and started the peace movement in Northern Ireland.

Yitzhak Rabin...

...began his career as a solider in Israel. As a politician, he was able to bring real movement into the peace process before being murdered by a fanatic.

Rigoberta Menchú...

...grew up in poverty in Guatemala. Many members of her family were murdered by the military. She is still fighting for human rights and indigenous peoples.

Mutter Theresa...

...will go down in 20th century history as the "Saint of the Gutters". Her commitment to the poorest of the poor in Calcutta makes her unforgettable.


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