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We are all influenced by someone's example and we all have our own personal role models. This Main Subject Group introduces personalities that have achieved something special. We have had to limit the number of examples to a select few and many others have been left out. The choice of people for this section is, however, not random. Nearly all "our examples" have been honored with the greatest of all human awards - the Nobel Peace Prize. All of our examples have taken real action, have ignored their concerns and put themselves in personal danger in the cause of justice. Each and every one of them has made a contribution towards improving the world.

This Main Subject Group forms a bridge between the other two Main Subject Groups of Human Rights and Democracy. All of the people presented in this section have fought for human rights and, therefore, also championed democracy. This is also true the other way round: In fighting for democracy they have made a large contribution to human rights. Human rights and democracy are inseparable. Yet for all their positive aspects, human rights and democracy remain empty without the people who continually breathe life into them.

"Nothing great and good would happen on this earth without inspiration... Those regarded as visionaries have provided the greatest of all services to mankind. Despite being ridiculed, persecuted and despised they forced their way forward. If they did not achieve their goal, then they tried again and again"
[J. G. Herder]

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