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List of contents for the Main Subject Group of Examples

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Glossary for the Main Subject Group of Examples

Link list for the Main Subject Group of Examples

An illustrated overview of the Main Subject Group of Examples


Mahatma Gandhi

Life and works of Gandhi

Short biography


Salt March

Quotes and speeches by Gandhi


The history of South Africa

The history of India

Materials for Gandhi

Links to Gandhi

Desmond Tutu

Life and work of Tutu

Short biography


Quotes and speeches by Tutu

Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech

Letter to Prime Minister Vorster

Interviews with Tutu

Background: Apartheid and South Africa

Materials for Tutu

Links to Tutu

Martin Luther King

Life and work of King

Quotes and speeches by King

"I have a dream"

Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech

Background: The civil rights movement in the USA

The Montgomery Bus Boycott 


March on Washington

Materials for King

Links to King

Peace People

Life of Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan

Quotes and speeches by Williams and Corrigan

Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech

Letter to Luke

The Field

Interview with Betty Williams

Interview with Mairead Corrigan

Background: The Northern Ireland


The history of Ireland

The "Troubles" during the 20th century

The city of Derry / Londonderry

Materials about Williams and Corrigan

Links to Peace People and he Northern Ireland Conflict

Yitzhak Rabin

Life and work of Rabin

Short biography

Quotes and speeches by Rabin

Rabin's last speech

Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech

Background: The Middle East Conflict


The history of

Materials for Rabin

Links to Rabin

Rigoberta Mench˙

Life and work of Mench˙s

Quotes and speeches by Mench˙

Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech

Interview with Mench˙

Background: Guatemala

Materials for Mench˙

Links to Mench˙

MOtHer Teresa

Life and work of Mother Teresa

Quotes and speeches by Mother Teresa


Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech


Background: Calcutta

Materials for Teresa

Links to Theresa


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