Human Rights
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Human Rights

Human rights form the basis of human peace in all areas: In national and international politics, as well as in your village or family. They affect every single individual and are due to each and every individual. Their communication is one of the most important tasks of education. It is for this reason that this education server offers up a comprehensive amount of material on the issue of Human Rights:

bulletWhat are human rights?
bulletWhere do they come from?
bulletWhat do they mean for me?
bulletWho is responsible for their monitoring?

These are only a few of the questions that we will be addressing. A basic course made up of five sequences will provide primary information on this subject. In addition to this, illustrations, documents and other relevant texts will be made available. The advanced subjects – such as children’s rights - provide clearly illustrated details and encompass sections that are well suited as an introduction to human rights in the classroom. A special section for teachers addresses fundamental issues surrounding education of human rights and provides ideas and a stimulus for lessons.

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