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Basic course 4: What belongs to a democratic society?

Now that we have considered the question "what is democracy?" in basic course 1, taken a look at the development of democracy since its beginnings in Ancient Greece over 2,500 years ago in basic course 2 and pondered the elements that make up a democratic state - government, parliament, opposition, constitutional state, separation of powers etc. -  in basic course 3, we now want to turn to democratic society.

When considering democratic society it is important to bear in mind that a democratic state and society cannot be divided precisely. They both combine in a continual effort to come close to the ideal of democracy. Nonetheless, some elements of modern democracy are central and can be considered part of democratic society.

Included among these are the so-called intermediate organizations, which are positioned between citizens and the state and link the two. We are talking for the most part about political parties, associations and the media. All three are indispensable for democracy. That's why we developed a special main subject group dealing with these intermediate organizations.

Main Subject Group Parties

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Here, you'll find the following materials:

An illustration that lists the most important features and highlights the differences between parties and associations.


A press article on political affairs in democracy.

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