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Link list on the issue of globalisation

I.   Links to international organisations

II.  Links to websites critical of globalisation

III. Links to websites on international politics / globalisation


I. International Organisations

I.1. United Nations (UN) -

When it comes to globalisation, the UN's comprehensive website has to be the first port of call. The United Nations plays a central role in all the considerations about global governance. The "Economic and Social Development Web Site" ( is of particular interest in that it provides links to globalisation issues within the scope of the UN's online content:

African Development Countries with Special Needs Development Trends Environment Financing for Development Forests Human Rights Human Settlements Narcotic Drugs Population Prevention of Crime Public Administration Regional Cooperation Social Development Statistics Sustainable Development Trade Women

I.2. The Bretton Woods Organisations

World trade organisations (WTO) -

International monetary funds -

World bank -

These organisations have addressed the fact that they are at the centre of criticism with regard to globalisation and have provided a comprehensive range of online content to create transparency and counter criticism.

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II. Criticism of globalisation

II.1. Attac (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens) -

The Attac network is now regarded as the mouthpiece of the worldwide movement criticizing globalization. Its website includes links to Attac's other websites in different countries.

On the top left hand site of its international homepage, you will find a link to a comprehensive list of links to other websites critical of globalization.

II.2. Naomi Klein: No Logo! -

Journalist Naomi Klein is among the most prominent critics of globalization following the publication of her book "No Logo!", which is regarded as the anti-globalization movement's bible. You will find the author's latest articles and information about campaigns on her homemade website.

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III. Website for international politics / globalisation

An excellent website from where to start online research into all the issues surrounding globalisation:

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources -

Virtual Resources: International Relations Research Resources on the Web -

The Global Policy Forum's website has a Globalisation section that offers a large number of articles on the subject:  -

[Author: Ragnar Müller]

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