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Globalisation is a controversial topic. What remains uncontroversial, in contrast, is the importance of this topic, not just for political education. Basic political questions concerning democracy, legitimisation, or the relationship to the economy also affect the very heart of the globalisation debate.

The increasingly important question of the role of communication in the public sphere can be clearly entered into using this topic as an example. As a relatively new, yet ubiquitous catch phrase, globalisation is being instrumentalised in terms of various interests. Recognising these processes provides benefits that go far beyond a better understanding of the discussion concerning globalisation.

Ultimately, dealing with globalisation concerns the current debate on the central questions of the future which challenge politics and education

The topic of globalisation dealt with in all its facets on D@dalos makes a variety of attempts at a definition (Basic Course 1), emphasises the multi-dimensionality of the processes involved listed under Globalisation as a generic term (Basic Course 2), investigates the essential causes (Basic Course 3), and the resulting problems (Basic Course 4), and finally deals with strategies for solutions sketched out in the debate (Basic Course 5).

We have provided a summary in the form of a illustrated overview on this Main Subject Group, as well as a written Table of Contents with direct links to the individual pages and sections for orientation purposes, and as a navigational guide. Besides there is a section with suggestions how to start a teaching unit about globalisation (first steps).

[Author: Ragnar Müller]

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