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Peace Education

Teaching Peace - Main Subject Group: Table of contents

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> Illustrated Overview of the Peace Education Main Subject Group

> List of links on the subject of peace education

Basic Course 1: What is peace education?

>UNESCO report on Education for the 21st Century

Basic Course 2: What does peace mean?

> Ideas about how to approach "war" as a subject

>> Ethological contribution
>> Research into the causes of war (aggression, security dilemma)

> Ideas about how to approach "peace" as a subject

>> Strategies for peace (international law, international organization, agenda for peace)
>> Comments on the term "peace"
>> Origins of the term peace
>> Peace research
>> Civilizing hexagon

> Ideas about how to approach "violence" as a subject

>> Violence typology by Johan Galtung
>> The ban on the use of aggression in the United Nation's Charta

> Ideas about how to approach "conflict" as a subject

>> Civilizing conflict

Basic Course 3: Why do we need peace education?

> Principles of peace education work

>> Educational principles of peace

> Starting point of peace education work

>> Subject in more depth: The Milgram experiments

> The principles of peace education work

> Closely linked disciplines: Third World, human rights and environmental education

>> New peace education challenges
>> The north - south conflict

> Limitation of peace education work

Basic Course 4: What do peace educators do?

> What is conflict?

>> Conflict escalation
>> The Iceberg Model for conflict dynamics

> Conflict analysis as an aid

>> 10 Conflict analysis methods

> Dealing with conflicts constructively

>> Requirements for dealing with conflicts constructively
>> 10 rules for constructive conflict proceedings
>> Mediation in conflicts
>> Communication - the key to solving conflicts

> Example: Settling conflicts in the immediate surroundings of school

>> Working with stories involving pictures
>> Developing a scenario
>> Rules for everyday conflict
>> Rules of communication
>> Peer mediation at school

Basic Course 5: Peace Education and Fair Play

> Fair Play - principles of teaching fair play

>> Does fairness stand a chance?
>> Eleven rules for fair play
>> Unfair! Nine steps ending in a seriously bad tackle
>> Fair balls - Fairness begins with the choice of equipment

> Sport and preventing violence

>> Intercultural conflict mediation: Mediation in football
>> Olympic peace

> Practical examples

>> Street football for peace
>> Midnight games: Basketball for countering violence
>> "Twic Olympics" - Olympic games in war zones

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